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Seller’s Homework : Residential Online Form

Seller's Homework : Residential Online Form Let's begin selling your home!

Residential Seller's Homework Online Form

General Info

Please list any special features of your home, such as upgrades you have made, or anything tangible you would like the potential buyer to take notice:
What are the top 10 reasons someone should buy your home?

About Your Home

About Your Home



Lake & Other


Other Questions For You

Preferred Vendors

Please provide names and phone numbers if possible for your preferred vendors.

Love Letter

Seller's Love Letter

If you choose to do so, please take some time to write a “love letter” to the next owner of your home so they can begin to appreciate your property and all the amazing things it has that they may not be able to visually see in a walk through:


Ideal Terms for Selling Your Home

Answering the following questions will help potential buyers understand your needs and preferences when writing an offer:


Residential Seller's Worksheet Completed!

Thank you for taking the time to complete our Seller's Worksheet, the results from filling it out completely will be significant in helping us create marketing materials for your property.

Click the Submit Seller's Worksheet Button below to email us your responses.

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